Dec 26, 2009


Snow has fallen all day. Because I planned to be indoors all day, I founds this to be perfect. Big, heavy flakes swirled around outside the windows and with the neighborhood rather quiet this time of year, it feels like it's just for me to enjoy.

I worked on odds and ends today; tedious, small things each lacking a declaration of fin. And so, fin. I am particular about this sort of thing this time of year especially; I like to step into each new year feeling put together, on top of everything, and up for anything.

Finally, around 6, I decided a trek through the pretty snow was in order. As it got dark, the snow turned fine and tiny, like glitter falling out of the sky. Gorgeous. I attended to a couple of errands, hopped a train a few stops toward home once the temps started to fall upon which I was asked, "You must be in Army or a f#@$ing cop or something; you walk like you're a tough-ass woman." which I found both insanely flattering and more than a little bit hilariously weird.

Finally, I possibly found a new gay boyfriend at the drugstore. Validating remarks like, "I love the smokey eye look you have going on!" and, "This is the best moisturizer; you are so smart to use it!" will do that.

Anyway, now I'm home and warm and finishing up a few more of the things on my list to make sure 2010 is one awesome year. You'll see.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you have unawesome years.

egspoony said...

I got a feeling that this coming year will be a very positive one for a handful of us. Its exciting. I can't wait!