Jul 22, 2009


Lots to report:

The big news is that as of last Monday, I joined to Chicago Tribune as digital coordinator for books. It's all off to a wonderful start, and I feel like I'm learning the ropes. I'll still be writing the Chicago Subtext local literary blog on the ChicagoNow network, and in fact am working for ChicagoNow a bit too, helping get new blogs added to the expanding blog network, up and running.

Speaking of Chicago Subtext, this morning, I posted perhaps one of the more personal pieces I've ever written there, sharing the backstory on my typewriter tattoo, and inviting photos and links to other literary tattoos, which I got in spades! And,earlier this week, I pointed to a piece in my beloved LA Times Jacket Copy books blog, and offered a light-hearted poke at postmodern literature and the abbreviated "pomo" term. Be sure to click all the way through and read the LA Times comments. Scream and a half.

In light of all these new responsibilities, I stepped down from my post as assistant fiction editor at 42 Opus, but passed the torch to Jessica Fritsche with full confidence in her ability to bring a ton of energy and skill to the job.


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Congrats! It was great to meet you at the cocktail party. :-)