Jul 27, 2009


I'm blog hopping today, it seems.

On Eco-Libris: my thoughts on summer reading.

On Examiner: some backstory about my typewriter tattoo after my Chicago Subtext literary tattoo post last week.

Today on Subtext, speaking of, I consider why and how we should even bother to save independently-owned bookstores. My query found its way over to ChicagoNow's Breaking Tweets blog, too.

And Author Mark R. Brand wrote a review of Three Fallen Women which you'll not hear me complain about in the least!

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Ayse Erin said...

Really like your post about saving independent bookstores. I've actually written a short story on such a subject. I can't share it now because I sent it to a competition in the UK and I need to wait for the results (not sure if any good will come out; it's my first short story in English, usually I write in French)!

I'm always trying to buy books from independent bookstores, here in Amsterdam there are some very good ones. And amazingly, I heard from a friend in Brussels that a tiny bookstore just opened, with only books the owner has read or that have been recommended to her. Maybe there's still hope!