Dec 3, 2008


This morning, I realized just how much occurred in November, and was thinking about what a frakkin' difference a month can make. Personally, twas an eventful month, to say the least.

I kicked off the month by taking on the challenge of NaNoWriMo and the Dzanc Books Write-a-Thon and a very important election, as I begged everyone to go and vote. (Read about a rather heart-warming conversation I had about how the election inspired a little old lady to tackle a big goal here.) I watched a video about a guy without arms or legs with a kick-ass attitude, and thought a lot about physical limits as imposed only by or own minds. I made my very first attempt ever to use video-blogging software and it didn't go over very well but I didn't care because it was, quite literally, the very first time I ever made any sort of film attempt. Plus, I don't think anybody watched it long enough to get to the joke about the sound. Meh.

Anyway, James Kennedy and Chris Rettstatt made the Fixx Reading Series @ The Book Cellar's Young Adult Lit night quite fantastic, my second attempt at video blogging went over far better as I kind of had the hang of it a bit better and I documented my day of the Dzanc Books Write-a-Thon. I ran in four states in one day as I traveled to Pittsburgh to read in the New Yinzer Reading Series, then ended up in a car crash, and made it home the following day. In a rental car. With a snow advisory in almost every county between Youngstown, OH and Gary, IN. With a seatbelt-shaped bruise on my torso! Not fun. I don't recommend that method, but I at least have an interesting story...? (Silver lining, people. Silver lining.) Unfortunately, this led to me having to bow out of NaNoWriMo this year, but you can bet I'll be back and ready to bring it next year.

Then, though I was feeling beat-up and sore, I was also feeling couped-up and bored, so I went to the DIY Trunk Show and saw many treasures. Not about to let a temp-gimp condition screw up my Thanksgiving tradition, I volunteered at a community kitchen on Thanksgiving, got extremely angry about the human disconnect exhibited on Black Friday, but gladly stepped into the first day of December with excellent news/a huge honor from So New Publishing.

Whew. So, maybe I'll work on having a rather mellow December?

Speaking of, remember the Fixx Reading Series is on winter break, and will return in 2009 with all sorts of excellent guests. Stay tuned!


David H. said...

Just don't have a car accident, and you can make December as wild as you want to.

Pete said...

Good lord, Amy! Your November makes me look like even more sluggish than my normal sluggish self. I really do need to get out more often.

Emily Johnson said...

Haha I second that comment.
And I thought the joke about the sound was very funny, and it was far, far better than my attempt at videocasting was!
Furthermore, my roommates really admire your ability to write for an entire day, as do I. I don't think I could do that - I'm pretty sure spending that much time with my thoughts would drive me mad.