Nov 18, 2008


Hello! I'm driving to Pittsburgh at the moment, for the delightful New Yinzer Reading Series tomorrow evening. Do come if you're around.

Well, actually, I'm sitting in a Jiffy Lube picking up a wifi signal from a "DingleDung", because I remembered only as I pulled away from Chicago that I was about due an oil change. So, I decided to stop in South Bend and tend to the matter. There is an awful lot of snow in Indiana, which is quite pretty.

Also, I decided that since I am running a four mile training run today and I'll be driving through four states today that I might divide it up into bits and run a little over a mile in each state to be festive. Might be, say, a nice occasion to commemorate by donating, say, four bucks to the fundrasing I'm doing for the race, too, hmm?

Or, forty. Whatever you like.

Anyway, so I ran a mile and a quarter this morning around my neighborhood in Chicago, and just did a mile and a quarter around the Norte Dame campus, which, I have to say, is really very pretty, especially with all the snow. I'll bet it's pretty at night.

I also encountered a mess of baseballs scattered along the highway shortly outside of Chicago. I wonder about the story behind that?

Ta-ta for now. Next stop: Ohio.

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