Jul 13, 2008


Ben Tanzer has a new book coming out in a few months. I read it. I wrote a blurb about it, in fact. This novel, Most Likely You'll Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine, is being published by the indefatigable Jason Behrends at Orange Alert Press, which, as the name might suggest, is the latest arm of the What To Wear During An Orange Alert outfit. Breeding ground for good ideas that OA seems to be, yesterday, at the invitation of Behrends, Tanzer, Jill Summers, Nick Volkert, Tim Hall, Behrends and I came together at Stray Dog Recording Studio yesterday and recorded dialogue from the novel as a radio serial. I thoroughly enjoyed not only the company, but the experience, in general. As Tim Hall posted this morning, "Uncanny and unbelievable. It was pure improvisational joy, a seance, a collective chant, synchronized breathing, you name it." And, that's an apt description, really. The afternoon was so fun, and the group of us, circled around microphones, worked really well together, all told. I eagerly await the finished product, and must admit that I'd be keen to make another stab or two into the audio-recording-voice-over world again.

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Ben said...

You rock it. Many thanks.