Jul 14, 2008


Yesterday was excellent. I logged just over ten miles feling pretty great in the gorgeous sunshine on the running trails along Lake Michigan, and it went well, then I came home and made pesto from basil I grew. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon if you ask me.

Today, I've just mashed up several business and personal trips and come up with a mega-roadtrip. I've posted all of this on Craigslist's rideshare, but I figure it'll be a bonus if this offer can go to one of you that I actually might know, even via blogging. I'm driving many miles at the end of July and first bit of August, and would be glad to offer my passenger seat to someone with whom to split gas expenses if you need a lift to any of these places:

1. Chicago to Memphis

2. Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi or New Orleans.

3. New Orleans to Jackson, MS.

Then, I'll be off radar a bit in zigzagging around Louisiana to emerge several days later in Shreveport.

4. Shreveport to DFW. (Busy here for a few days)

5. DFW to Oklahoma City

6. Oklahoma City to St. Louis then Chicago.

Also, if anyone, oh say, has a reading series with an open spot in/around one of these fine places-- I'm your gal for that, too.


Ace said...

I saw on your twitter that you'll be having a reading in OKC in August. I plan on coming up there!

Anonymous said...

Guthie--for that first leg, just take the City of New Orleans train! It's cool, and if you get a sleeper cabin, you get 3 squares of pretty good food a day plus your own toilet!

Amy Guth said...


Wait-- how come you took the liberaty of calling me "Guthie" but didn't leave your name?

Anonymous said...

Give me liberty or give me death!

Well, you did say we could stalk you silly on here, right?

Anonymous is just so much more...creepy!

Amy Guth said...

At least you're being up front with you attempted creepiness.