May 13, 2008


Pilcrow Lit Fest is nearly upon us. I need a little help wrangling a few final things:

  • I need more booze and wine for the NOLA party. Or, a place to buy a bulk of it inexpensively on Pilcrow's budget.
  • I need smiling volunteers to greet authors and audience members at the panels on Saturday during the day.
  • I need smiling volunteers to be in charge of various small tasks throughout the evening on Friday May 23rd, and especially on Saturday May 24th.
  • I need to buy a bulk of pralines at a good price. Take a moment and look at our ChipIn donation tracker, then review your definition of good price.
  • I need a place to buy a bulk of corn muffins. Same rules as above.
Granted, with your help, we did raise a nice chunk of change. My aim in asking, here, is for the purposes of stretching your generous donations as far as they can go. Thanks.

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