May 11, 2008


I ran the Y-Me 5k Race this morning with Dondi. We did it in a very respectable time, especially considering the wind was whipping around in every direction and the rain was cold and plentiful and, uh, felt like it was coming in horizontally. I got home and my running pants were soaked except for the fabric crease at the bottom fold of my buttcheeks, my socks were wring-out-able, my shoes squished, my hat dripped, my sports bra was soaked, my tank top was soaked, my t-shirt was soaked, my long-sleeve was soaked and my fleece hoodie was soaked. Gross. Really quite a glamorous sight, I'm sure. But it was worth every minute. Dondi's husband met us at the finish line with dry towels and a ride home. I left a butt print in my seat in their car-- we were that soaked!

Still, it was a good run and the sort that slow and steady counted for everything, I felt. And, there is a good feeling about getting up early, expending some real energy and being back home, warm and showered in time to eat a second breakfast. I think I'd like to resolve to get up earlier every morning. That'd be nice.


Anonymous said...

+You're gonna get all the single jewsih guys excited with that talk; don't let anyone tell you that you're not writer, with that imagery.

sparkypoo said...

That was definitely a....memorable... race. I think I was in the shower for 20 minutes before I finally stopped shivering.
Good job on both of you!! Woo!

Amy Guth said...

Oh, yeah, you guys. Sparkypoo was there, too. She hauled ass at the starting line and we didn't see her again. Zoom!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

abmw, I can tell you she got this gentile guy excited with that talk as well. The hotness of La Guth crosses all religious and ethnic boundries.

Way to go Ms. Guth, we're all proud of you!