Apr 28, 2008


Arthur Miller said, "The word now is like a bomb thrown through the window, and it ticks." And, once in a while, there is an example, for better or worse, right upon us.

Remember when I wrote last week, asking everyone to mail a card to a man in Ohio with lung cancer, at the request of his daughter, just to make him glad? Take a minute and re-read, if you like: Find that post here. In the post, I closed with this paragraph:

Not "later", not when you get to it. Some of us think we have this luxury of time, and none of us do, not even a bit. Please, please put one card in the mail to this stranger to us both and enjoy a moment or two of having done a simple yet dazzling thing.
His daughter emailed this morning:

Thank you so much to all of those who sent my father such lovely cards, fun gifts and well wishes, along with prayers and support for my family and myself. Regretfully, I must inform you that my father lost his battle early last evening at Mercy Sienna Convalescent Hospital in Englewood, OH.

The Walendzak family, especially myself, thanks you all so much for the kind words you sent my father in his final days. You made him smile and cry with joy from your words of love and faith.

Again, thank you for brightening my father's life in his final days. For those who forwarded my request for cards to others, please feel free to share this email of thanks on behalf my father.

Wishes of love and health to you always,
A handful of you, that I am aware of, took the immediate moments after you read my post, made him a card and mailed it off, and it reached him in time. And, I'm so glad we did that. I really am.

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