Apr 28, 2008


Happy Monday! This morning, I can report the following:

I have a tendency to feel clumsy when the tallest person in a given area. Sometimes that makes me sit when others stand, sometimes not. Still, at nearly six-feet tall, I like to wear heels.

The RAGAD reading was really a lot of fun. I read from my next novel, Nick Ostdick read, Ben Tanzer read, Jill Summers read, Jason Jordan read and it was all great fun. After, we, minus Jill Summers, but plus Jason Pettus, Jason Behrends and Tim Hall did a round-table podcast, also great fun. (I'll link to it when I can) Then, a little cocktailing.

It takes one adult woman about an hour of running around a dining table to capture an angry Chihuahua.

It takes two adult women about a half hour of running around a dining table and couch to capture an angry Chihuahua. Even very sneaky women who are willing/able to stalk a hawk in a bird-watching area for a half-hour only hours prior.

An adult man and an adult woman cannot capture an angry Chihuahua. Even with treats.

A dragging muffler is noisy. Even when it belongs to one of the very sneaky women willing/able to stalk a hawk in a bird-watching area and capture a Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas are mighty cute but can go from snuggly-lovey to mini-Cujo in a matter of hours. I read they are one-person dogs, period.

My cat does not like for me to arrive home smelling of chasing a Chihuahua.

I learned how to make fresh goat cheese and fresh tofu, firm and silken and I am glad.

I am about finished gathering all of the swag for the Pilcrow Lit Fest swag bags and I am glad about that, too.

The view from my office window looks Old World European and I am glad about that, too.

I need some new clothes.

I turned a three-mile run into a seven-mile speed walk as a result of planned mileage plus Chihuahua chasing and subsequent walking, the dragging muffler and subsequent parking of the car.


Jewgirl said...

You are so hysterical, child. This post made me scream. Such mishigas with the Chihauhua-oy.

The reading sounds fantastic. I'm so happy it went well.

Please spill about the tofu/goat cheese recipe when you get a minute. When I can eat dairy again, it sounds like something I would love.

Looking forward to the roundtable podcast.

dondi said...

I would LOVE to make an outlet mall excursion soon! That is as soon as my exhaust pipe stops dragging. Interested?