Dec 8, 2007

"MIXED UP...?"

Remember those playlists I used to do here on the 'Mouth? I might have to bring those back. Those were fun; I just got too busy for a bit there.

So, this morning I was dancing my face off in the living room, with my cat, to Joy Division and I looked up to see this dude walking his Dalmatian standing outside giving me the thumbs up. Whatves, dude. I'm not trying to be embarrassed about shakin' my moneymaker, yo. Anyway, I kept dancing. Fun. If I had a dollar for every time I got caught dancing or singing, pssh. I'd be writing this post from the Caribbean.

Anyway, I gots stuff to do, but until we meet again, please enjoy this picture from a couple of years ago of the chanukiah I made out of tampons. Hi, dont stop at chanukiot! Hit Tampon Crafts and make something for any holiday.


jewgirl said...

I love you so hard it's not even funny. only you. only you. I love it. I'm howeleena right now.

Adam Deutsch said...

The moneymaker...

Amy's Mom said...

I like to think that you received some of your creativity from me. I always tried to find new and inventive artsy crafty things to do with you. But somehow "Tampon Crafts" went right by me. What a hilarious "Show and Tell" that would have made at school. And a mighty interesting phone call from the teacher too.

Bubs said...

You keep dancing, you!

I was getting back in my car at Target tonight, after making the obligatory trip out for new lights for the tree (they never seem to work two years in a row) when a woman got out of the car next to me. She was clearly carried away by whatever Christmas tunes she was listening to in the car, and got out singing away, and as she closed her door and turned around and saw me she got that wide-eyed shocked look and said "OH..YOU CAUGHT ME"

I said keep singing sister, you sound great! Merry Christmas!

Had I only known I would've suggested she buy some extra tampons for a festive Santa Lucia candle wreath.