Dec 19, 2007


I sat down last night and worked through my known schedule for the next six months. Sure, not much is known six months ahead, but a deadline here and there, that sort of thing. Anyway, it felt nice to get it down and see six months' worth of deadlines and events and such.

Otherwise, I'm just working on odds and ends today. New book. Katie Schwartz's book that I'm editing. An anthology. A project. Another project. More on all that after the new year, kids. Trust me, I'm dying to loop you all in.

But before I go:

Here's my favorite quote today from an email exchange I had with Jeff Harrell: "I've got a succulent outside and a dry, bitter inside. I'm like the opposite of all the good candies."

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jewgirl said...

I need to do that, too. When I can see it, I can feel it and taste it.

That quite is stunning.