Nov 20, 2007


So, my very good friend Dezzibooty, who does not blog but really should, has two really cute kids. She is gorgeous, her husband is gorgeous, so doy, so are their kids. One of said kids, Elijah, is sooooo cute that he beat over 860,000 kids and is one of the finalists to be the next Gap kid. Last week Dezzibooty and her Elijah were on the west coast for his photoshoot and now it is up to us to vote. As she says it: "We must UNITE, we must CONQUER, we must REPRESENT THE BRONX!" (Brings a tear to the eye)

So, here is whatcha do: Go to and register. Then choose Elijah Hartman in the 4th category. He's the badass with the mohawky 'do. Adorbs, right? The polls open today and end Dec. 15th. Vote everyday and please spread the word!

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Leah in Chicago said...

I've been a voting regularly for Elijah.