Nov 16, 2007


Kids! The Fixx was fab last night! I started things rollin', like always.

John Sheppard shared a sneak peek of his new novel with us (Note to James Stegall at So New--- you and John-John need to tawlk. For reals.)

Then, I told the story of the photo-ticket I got in the mail. Note the shifty eyes when talking about The Man. (What was with me last night??)

Then, Renee Rosen read a hilarious section from Every Crooked Pot about Thanksgiving at the Goldman house.

Go befriend them! Go buy their books! Go! And, we had a special guest in the audience last night. Julie Koca, a charming lady who is about to hurl two novels at us that are going to rule. Watch for her in the fall.


sparkypoo said...

Wow, your hair looked super-duper cute!! I SWEARS I am not being a stalker by getting mahself some long bangs tomorrow. :)

jewgirl said...

You look stunning, doll. such a shana punim.

jewgirl said...

I'm so glad the reading was a smashing success.

jake ryan of sixteen candles fame said...

miss me, pretty lady? i havent commented in a long long time but ive been reading acourse.

did you get your cheekbones sharpened?

youre so fucken hot.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You look adorable in those shots.

Amy Guth said...

Monk- thanks!