Nov 26, 2007


So, I'm going to watch that Baby Neptune every Monday afternoon for Mermaidhead. How good is that going to be? Very is your answer. Very. Poor Neptune was iddly today though, but it was fine. Funny even, in moments, particularly when, as I changed his diaper, he reached down, grabbing his crap-covered sack and slapped crap onto his chest. Sweet move, Neptune. Man, I'm going to give him so much grief over that when he's older. I think that'll make an awesome bar mitzvah card inscription:

On this forchest of days, the day you become a man, I remember when you were a tiny baby, grabbing your crap-covered sack and flinging crap onto yourself as I reached for a baby wipe. Mazel tov!
Auntie Guthieroo

(Mermaidhead, do not kill me. I love your baby to bits.)


Paul said...

You've taken 'forch' to its logical conclusion.

Brah. Voh, Ms. Guth.

thea said...

Ah, an entry after my own heart.