Sep 5, 2007


Meh. Day two of sniffles/fever/sore throat junk. I'm hanging out and resting up and on the mend, to be sure.

So, I have a favor to ask you guys. You know me, always passing the hat for somebody, right? Right. Well, I'm going to do the Making Strides For Breast Cancer event on October 21st here in Chicago. I've set my personal cashola goal at a measly grand, but if you guys will help me out and all throw a buck or two my way, I'll bet we can make a thousand bucks look like chump change. Click right here for everything you need on my fancy little donation page.

For those of you in my email address book, you might as well cough up a couple of dollars now because I'm going to give you the email-shakedown nonstop until you do it. All the cool kids are giving to charity, hello? And, ahem, members of the tribe, it is Elul, is it not? Need I say more?

Tell you what, I'll only stop nagging youse for money every day until the event if we get to $5,000. Otherwise, get ready for the daily nag, ha!


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

I am on Day Ten of the sniffles/fever/sore throat junk.

Amy's Mom said...

I met a woman this morning that was diagnosed 18 months ago. To see and talk to her, one would never know it. She had both breasts removed and then reconstuction. But her attitude was nothing less that spectacular! She was so upbeat and positive. Before BC she had long blond straight hair and now it is light brown and wavy. But she was just soooo happy to have hair. Truly an imspiration.
Your check is in the mail!