Sep 4, 2007


I'm in the coffeeshop I usually write from. A very adorable little girl just said Mommy, that lady has pink on her hair and the broad grabbed her arm and said SHUT UP SHUT UP, where are your manners??

Dude, I DO have pink hair. No need to jerk your kids, no need to give them extra shit to discuss in therapy as adults, for cryingoutloud.

Anyway. I had a marvelous weekend. I hid the entire time. My manuscript is flying together. I'm pleased.

Know how I often talk about writing to music-- one song again and again in a loop to keep that mood going in a text? Yes, well, when the song gives out, when I feellike I've written everything out of it that I need to, I more to another and that's sometimes a little hold up while I dig out the next song and dust it off. So, here I was, this morning, typing away and my character moves to a vastly different environment and, so, doy, suddenly the song I've been writing to stopped working. it was remarkable--- like mid-sentence! I was typing away and then that song was fucking done and I knew it.

So, I'm taking a bloggy break to dig up my next song to write to death.

Oh, and you know, I think I might just have the title of this book, too. Oh man, this is good.


Talia said...

Shame on her for telling her kid to "shut up." My daughter often does similarly embarassing things, especially as of late, and she's not really old enough to understand what she's doing. I try to just ignore it, unless it's so bad it deserves a real apology, which hasn't happened yet. But just tongiht we went for a walk, and we live near a lake, so there was this guy in his yard with no shirt or shoes on, on the lake and as we walk by Hadley points at him and says "belly, mama, belly."

I don't think he heard, or if he did, I hope he didn't put 2 and 2 together. He had a really big and hairy belly by the way.

orieyenta said...

Mommy, that lady has pink on her hair.

Love that. It's right up there with the time when Little Orieyenta pointed at a man and said, "Mama, he has NO HAIR".

Waiting with baited breath to hear the title of the new book :)

Amy Guth said...

As a toddler, my brother once pointed to a very dark-complexioned African-American newborn in the supermarket and said "Mom! Look! A baby gorilla!" I thought Ma Guth was going to drop dead.

I think the kid-yanking was so haarible because the little girl said it so excitedly, like, "OMG! I just saw a glitter unicorn AND a pink pony and they were in a cloud castle for shit's sake!!!!" Well, that and, I, you know, put the pink there.