Aug 1, 2007


It's a long story as to what I was searching and why and how I ended up with this image, but something about chocolate peas and carrots made me laugh.

Anyway, what's new, kids? I wrote a lot yesterday. And wrote a draft I was really happy with right off the bat and felt excited to write more of. That's a very good sign. Last night I had a dream that Ma Guth and I were evening gown-clad con women in Vegas, then in a few other places, and were telling people we were sisters. (Which, hello, to her delight, we have been mistaken for more than once.) We were stashing cash in my radiator, which Ma Guth rolled underneath and disabled, making it our safe. Anyway, we got about six hundred thousand stuffed into the radiator and went to dinner and were in danger of being ratted out, but everything turned out okay until a wine glass got broken and my Dad was nearly in tears over it. I have weird dreams. News?

My lease expired last night, so I called my landlady again this morning for a gentle reminder, this time as a squatter, and straightened that out. I'm staying put another year, luckily, so you kids don't have to start fretting for another year that I'll go get a job in a Ghanaian orphanage, or as a Tibetan gardener, or as an Anguillan wine steward, never to be heard from again. I'm solid for another year. Whew. Someone is moving into one of the two open apartments in the building today and, I must say, this is the quietest move-in I've ever eavesdropped. I love this neighbor already. Maybe I should put pants on and go say hello. I think I will.

I'm using iGTD productivity software for the second day and I think I love it. I think. We'll see.

I feel good today after yesterday's venting and writing. I have to remember to do that more often.


Anonymous said...

"...evening gown-clad con women in Vegas,..."

The Grifters Guth!

My father and I are often mistaken as brothers, with him being considered the younger!
Good news for my 'hawtness' when I an 70!

Amy Guth said...

I know, right? I'm hoping I got that fountain of youth gene from her. Also, Ma Guth is so little and I'm so tall that she'd easily be the younger of the Sisters Guth. Har.

(Watch, watch. She's going to post in a bit and say, "It's getting deep in here. What do you want?")

Amy's Mom said...

The Grifters Guth!! Love it!
It is rather deep in here.
After I heard about this dream earlier, my head was swimming trying to know where to start figuing it out. Money, radiators, crawling around under stuff,evening gowns,broken wine glasses... I just don't know. Need to do some research on this one.

sparkypoo said...

So glad to hear the writing has been going well. Rah Rah, Guth!

Anonymous said...

The Guth with an umlaut 'Mater Familias' reads here?
How am I to be bilious and vile now?

Amy Guth said...

I wouldn't fret too much, Rhet. Ma Guth is the woman, after all, I inherited my filth-mouth from. Her favorite term being "rat fucker" and all.

I think she might be able to out-filth all of us any day.