Aug 30, 2007


I did my hair last night. I wasn't in love with the blue, so I made big pink stripes like I used to have about a year ago. Like this, but not all in one clump. more like tiny pink highlights. Anyway. I woke up last night at like three thinking someone was knocking on my door, and, you know, going back nye-nye when you get a big adrenaline boost is no small feat, so I sat up and petted my cat's nose and played solitaire. Don't be jealous of my sexy, exciting night!

(There is fresh concrete being poured across the street. What should I write once the workers turn their backs??)

Gosh, the weather is beautiful today. It's sunny and 70ish. That is good livin', if you ask me. And, as I type, enjoying said weather, I'm by an open, breezy window, enjoying a cup of Cafe du Monde's chickory coffee and that makes me glad. Well, there is the smell of bacon in the air from the counter of this coffeeshop I write from, but other than that, it's totally peas and carrots.

On my way over, I saw a teensy tiny fender bender, no damage to either truck, but it was between two big burly meat-headdy puff-ups, so they hopped out of their respective giant vehicles and had some words and bumped chests. I mean, for real, they were shouting and being pissy and touched chests and then bounced off each other. The temptation to shout "Kiss him!" as I crossed the street was almost too much. But, really, it's a lovely day and my breezy sunshine and good coffee and writing spree is coming together to make me reeeeeaaaaaaaallllly happy.

I'm really ready for fall. Have I mentioned that a thousand times yet? As wonderfully awesome as this summer has been for me, I've have more uphill than I wanted, so I'm eager to seal it up and move to the next. Come to think of it, I want to say somebody I know has a theory about August, or August and April or even-numbered months feeling more uphill than others. Who said that? What it you, Schwartzy? Laurel? Who was it? Eh, I can't remember. Was it Hyperbole Mel? No, shit, I can't remember. Fuggetit. Speaking of friends, I heard from Mermaidhead this morning, who is mere days away from (a) giving birth to little Neptune (b) getting herself free from bedrest and (c) getting shitfaced at the bris.


sparkypoo said...

Oh! Today I was out running errands and I kept staring at this woman's hair & thinking of you--she had jet black hair and these gorgeous green highlights. A cross between seafoam and kelly green. Anyway, if you get bored with pink, I think it would look totally rockin' on you!

Sizzle said...

i so wish you had called out "kiss him!" because that would have been spectacular.

happy day!