Aug 8, 2007


Long story that I will spare you the details of, but this evening, Leah and I found ourselves in quite a situation that involved a stack of linoleum tiles, a ladder precariously balanced on the linoleum tiles, a lamp pushed out of the way with head and shoulder, my butt sticking into Leah's face from the ladder, a cellphone conversation, a Chicago Bears scarf, a frustrating self-slamming door and yellowish paint. Best not to ask.

In other news, my website, Guth-a-Go-Go needs a facelift and fast (more on why that might be later this week) and my webdude is very popular and very busy these days so I'm going to throw this out there: The goal is to make it look like a more "me" version of Alton Brown's website as quickly as possible. So? Anyone feel up to the task? If so, email me your schpiel and rates and turnaround time and all that and and let's see what happens. Great.

I'm so tired I just laughed at my can opener.


Adam Deutsch said...

I've sent word to Mr. MaxXiantu to see if he's up to the task. I think he did a decent job on my site, but I'll let you decide.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your escapades on the ladder?
Dear god, please tell me it didn't end with the two of you falling to the floor in a pool of A/C effluent, tickling each other and giggling.
Wait a minute!
What am I saying?
Do tell. Lie if you have to.

blogmom said...

But I must ask. Leah's mom

brian said...

No worries. Can openers are remarkably witty.