Aug 7, 2007


UPDATE: I just walked into my bedroom to find the air conditioner dripping all over the place and poor kitty doing that yowley thing that cats do as he was stranded on the bedside table. I'll be mopping if anyone needs me. Oh copy of Communist's Daughter, you'll dry soon.

Oh my, it is so hot.

I still can't find my ID. Any Psychic Cindy (or Sid) out there who feels like spilling the beans is welcome to share. I am dreading going to the DMV for a replacement, but I will if I must.

The news report tonight just showed a dump and referred to an "affluent area of Gary, Indiana" and I laughed out loud.

My air conditioner is dripping water into my bedroom.

I wish Hillary would stop referring to herself as a "girl".

A whiskey sour sounds decent right about now.

My head hurts.


sparkypoo said...

If you do find yourself needing to go to the DMV (I hope not!!), let me know. I need to get my current address put on my driver's license so that the state believes I live in Illinois so I can get health insurance. :p

Anonymous said...

I wish Hillary would stop referring to herself as a "girl".

I prefer it!
The admittance of the reality would cause me to girn, keen and then convulse. I would rather not.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Oy! Come on down to Tennessee and cool off, bring the kitty if you must.