Aug 27, 2007


Cat people, I need you. My cat has gotten iddly about something and I can't figure it out. When he gets iddly, he cries, then tries to paw paper or books or something, then cries when I try to pet him to hush him a little, then he is calmed for a minute or two then scurries away and pees. Always the same spot. I got him a new little box, which he seems to like a lot, but he's still marking. He doesn't have a urinary tract issue, that's ruled out. Feliway sprayed on the spot every day seems to work, but it's not terribly economical to use everyday, plus it doesn't seem like the most eco-friendly product ever. Any thoughts, cat people?


orieyenta said...

I would have said UTI since his symptoms sounds exactly like what Charlie did when he had one. But you say that has been ruled out. Did that rule out kidney stones as well?

Sizzle said...

hmm, sounds like something internal going on. have you ever taken your cat to a homeopathic vet? my sis swears by it.

Rob in Denver said...

Is it a lot of pee... and is he drinking lots, too?

If so, it could be diabetes.