Aug 17, 2007


I'm writing from the coffeeshop, which I haven't done in a while. A dude is trying to read over my shoulder. Yes, you, you right there at the table behind me with your earbuds so loud I can hear your Daughtry CD and with that unforch loud mouth-breathing. You.

That's better. A little calling out never hurt.

I moved to the library. The coffeeshop had unforch music, the noisy dude behind me air-drumming and stomping and going bah-bah-BAH-bah it's not oooooovAH try to bah-bah-bah-BAH-BAH-BAH time around, then there was the convo to my right about a bladder infection, the shrieking kids, the dirtbag staring at every woman in the place (3 including me), and I'd forgotten my earbuds to block out noise, so I suddenly had a terribly feeling in my chest child, you aren't going to get shit done in here today.

So, I'm going to be in Madison tomorrow night, but not for a reading. I'll scope-out reading spots, to be sure, but I'm just going to chill. Imagine that, Amy Guth, chillin'. I got up this morning and stirred around a bit and wore myself out and got all winded again. Whodathunk a little poke in the lung would be so unforch?? Not I, that's for sure. I feel like such a wuss. Anyway, I'm not taking fitness attire or running shoes with me to Madison, so even if routine urge-to-move strikes, I have no choice but to chill.


Talia said...

I like Madison. Hubby and I went there a few years back for a weekend. We went to the Michael Feldman "Whaddya Know" show at the Monona Terrace, and also to the farmer's market in the sqare (is that what it's called)?

Jen said...

sometimes we just need to chill. Hope you enjoy it!

sparkypoo said...

Glad to hear you are not even going to tempt yourself into running. :)
BTW, I left Starbucks the other day and told the manager I couldn't concentrate because her staff was being too loud. I actually heard someone say as I was walking out, "Was she serious?"
Serious as a, I want to say lung biopsy but that seems very inappro. :p

Anonymous said...

" even if routine urge-to-move strikes..."

Normally I seek out a men's room when I have this sort of urge to move.

jewgirl said...

there is something to be said for breaking with routine and chilling. it's a good thing, bubbie.