Jul 26, 2007


This is tonight, so comb your hair, put on a clean shirt and come say hello. It'll be fun!

Also, as an added bonus tonight, I need you to bring a few bucks with you. Why? I'll tell you. First, we have a merch table and you can buy Charles Blackstone's book, The Week You Weren't Here, Rick Karlin's book, Show Biz Kids, and Elaine Soloway's book, The Division Street Princess. (And, okay okay, I might have a copy or two of Three Fallen Women with me as well.) But that's not all!

Tonight, I'm going to have a very special tip jar. My friend and fellow writer, the lovely and talented Lara Marsh, is about to embark on a volunteer trip to Dharamsala, India this fall with humanitarian organization Cross Cultural Solutions. She going to be teaching English, and helping educate about women's issues, immunization programs and HIV/AIDS awareness. And, to make her trip possible, she is doing a little fundraising to meet her program fee (which covers her food and housing and travel expenses).

So, I hope, in addition to picking up a few books tonight to support local authors, you'll also cough up a buck or several to support Lara's very important project, too.

(If you can't make it, you can hook yourself up with books from the links I've added up there, and you can still support Lara. Check this out: Remember
The Dollar Store Show I did back in June? Well, the brains behind that operation have offered to help her fundraise at their August 3rd event as well. (Don't panic, I'll remind you) And, if you still can't make it, or if you want to use a credit card and hook her up with a big donation, head over to Cross Cultural Solutions look up her name and make your tax-deductible donation right there.)

See there? Who knew you could generate so much good karma for yourself tonight? Supporting local authors and helping send a hard-working, compassionate lady to India. And, and, and, you can have a fun time and drink delicious treats from The Fixx while you're at it. Guys, I'm practically handing you a perfect night on the town. How can you say no?

See you there. 7:30. Tonight.

(Oh, and remember, you too can have stunningly cool postery and webby things made by the same talented and wicked awesome dude who did this Fixx postery thing by emailing him right here. Do I look out for your guys or what?)

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