Jul 25, 2007


So, who will I be seeing tomorrow night at The Fixx Reading Series? 7:30. There or square, sweetiepiefaces.

In other news:

Well, the blue isn't as turquoise as I wanted it to be. I bleached the crap out of that hair, turned it nearly white-blondey and still that pretty turquoise haircolor is a subtle peacock-feather green highlight at best. Eh well. If I recall from the last time I did a bluey hue (almost a decade ago), it took a few months worth of bleaching and coloring to get it right. So, whatevs.

I went for a run, but didn't catch the running wind in my sails, so I ended up on a two-mile walk, which is fine. The miles matter more to me today. Walking plus iPod equal a nice time for me. I came home with yet another variety of cat food my cat doesn't want to settle for, and cooked myself a lovely little pasta with basil I dun growed myself. What a nice little dinner.

Uh, have you guys seen the Viva Viagra advertisement? Oh no. Unnnforch.


Sparkymom said...

I think that Viagra ad is ridiculous. What next? Will we have Elvis "rising" from the grave thanks to Viagra?

Amy Guth said...

HA! Good one, Sparkymom. Right? Isn't it such a creepy ad?!?

orieyenta said...

Pictures of the new hair?