Jul 5, 2007


My Soundtrack Tonight, Expressed by "The" Bands...

The Drugs Don't Work/The Verve
Lucky Man/The Verve
Bobcaygeon/The Tragically Hip
Kingdom of Rain/The The
Foolish Heart/The Mavericks
Astro/The White Stripes
Alibi/The Mountain Goats
Until She Comes/The Psychedelic Furs
Truth Hits Everybody/The Police
William, It Was Really Nothing/The Smiths
Mirror In The Bathroom/The English Beat
Alone, Together/ The Strokes
There Is No There/The Books
Wild Horses/The Sundays

I'm so tired. Not much is new.

Night, kids. Sleep tight.


"i've changed my plea" said...

Mmmm... that's good playlist. That gives me an idea. Anybody want to have fun suggesting 'best of the Smiths' playlists? I'll start:

1. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before
2. Shoplifters of the world
3. What she said
4. I know it’s over
5. There is a light that never goes out
6. Stretch out and wait
7. Last night I dreamt
8. I want the one I can’t have
9. Please, please, please let me get what I want
10. Ask
11. Girlfriend in a coma
12. Back to the old house
13. Panic
14. Half a person
15. The boy with the thorn in his side
16. Well I wonder
17. Unlovable
18. I won’t share you
19. Asleep

Yeah, it's long.

Ah, to have a place to geek out as a Smiths fan.

Anonymous said...

That is a town down the road from me.
Hellish place.
Tragically Hellish.
Sweet Dreams of a naked Benyamin Netanyahu