Jul 1, 2007


The Weekend, in Stream-of-Consciousness and Playlist Form:

clean, straighten, nails, can't focus, records, flip-flopped cabinet doors with pilot holes, sofa, cool night air in windows, Ukrainian pop song, type, type, type, fret, type, type, read, read, read, type, type, type, text, type, text, type, read, clean, stroll, thrift store, records, handbag, stroll, salad, no bacon thanks, gin, A Boy Named Sue, I Fall To Pieces, ABBA, gin, fidget, no sleep, the best sleep, chill, hair, boring no, calm yes, level yes, good, chill, text, chill, ring ring ring, chill, idea, PSA, good idea, cat, great idea, free in the mail, the best idea, mental calendar, my back is great, my back isn't 100%, happy, cat, sixteen, I mean, twenty-six, chill, John Lennon, glasses years later, typewriter, spinach, Craisins, email, laugh, email, gasp, CBGB, email, laugh, Google, brown dress, cat, yogurt, cat and yogurt, bed, laptop, Rising Sign, Save Me, text, text, sleep

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What no Onanism?
What would Woolf, Joyce and Faulkner say.
S of C being an interior monologue of sorts and Onanism not being that much different.