Jun 10, 2007


I had such a great day yesterday!

First, the shul tag sale was huge and fantastic. I dropped a few bucks but left with a ton of fantastic stuff. Vintage clothes, artwork, tons of artwork, did I mention artwork? Oh man, good haul there.

Then, I went solo to the Printers Row Book Fair and it was fine. I say "fine" not "kickass" because I'm afraid that lit festivals I've participated have made me come to expect more sense of community and more interaction from bookish events. Milling around from tent to tent, in my opinion, makes it much harder to mingle very well. But, really, book fairs and lit fests are two different things. Anyway. For what it was, it was great. I talked to a few folks, introduced myself, handed out a few business cards, mentioned the new reading series at The Fixx and ran into a few good friends. I think, also, that since I was there late in the day on the second day, that the people I was trying to schmooze with were sun-dried and tired and ready to go home.

Then, I took the train up to Northcenter and my vegetarian ass went to Ribfest and met up with four fine friends. We ate-- yes, even I found something to eat at there (corn on the cob with chipotle-lime butter from Feed The Beast's booth), then we snuck out and hung around a little on hte back patio of nearby Gannon's Pub (go in and ask the owner about the photograph on the wall of his grandfather sometime), then meandered back to the festival in time for Baby Teeth, which was my entire reason for going to a Ribfest in the first place, really. Great show, too. I bought a cool baby Teeth t-shirt, but in the ado of chatting, the festival closing down, finding the right size shirt and such, we didn't do the money-end of the transaction and I'm a dumbass. I emailed and copped to my absent-mindedness first thing this morning when I realized. I feel like I can't wash it or wear it or anything until they have cash. I'm funny like that.

I still have the loaner phone, as I wait for my new replacement phone to arrive. I got a whole slew of text messages a little after midnight, just as I was drifting off. Oops. Come on, new phone, get here, get here, get here.

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