Jun 14, 2007


Here are the latest keywords people have been using in searches that have landed them here on this blog:

amy guth: Present.

amy guth blog: You found it, friend.

amy guth husband: No such dude, sorry.

amy guth pics: They exist.

amy guth birthplace: It was Asheville, NC. I lived there the first year of my life.

amy guth wikipedia: repeatedly denied, apparently I am not notable enough. Or my friend who is trying to post it is a shitty wikipediaist.

free picture of fooball player wifes or women: no clue

bigmouth boat supply: no clue

hairdresser on fire poem: logical enough, cute that you call it a poem

fainting after injury: usually

two faced bigmouth strikes again: bitter. I wonder what the searcher was looking to find. They only stuck around thirty seconds, so it wasn't here, whatever it was.

bigmouth indeed strikes again: Welcome.

three fallen women: You're close. Look in the right sidebar there and order as many as you'd like.

you're gonna need someone: Everyone does sooner or later.

hugh behm-steinberg: he's a poet.

rick karlin: wonderful man, buy his book

bigmouth indeed: Welcome.

where to buy weatherstripping: Hardware store.

lisa simpson evaluate me: I wish she would.

coffee with extra caffeine: Terrifying, isn't it?

songs with the name amy in them: Tons!

dragon's triangle trench: see blog posts this week

amie winehouse balls: and whiskey, don't forget the whiskey

bigmouth strikes again: great song

dragons triangle worm hole: see blog posts this week

ichiban eggplant recipes: share 'em when you find 'em

monroe, la-- kosher hummus: never thought I'd see those terms together

meaning behind big mouth strikes again: just dig the song, friend

black hole mariana trench bermuda triangle: see blog posts this week

kyrie eleison what the hell does that mean: I wonder, too. And now that song is stuck in my head.

coffee driving: ??

big teeth mouth: ???

how to pronounce reconstucted greek: You're barking up the wrong tree, friend.

whatever happens for the 80s lyrics: Well, whatever does happen?


jewgirl said...

those keywords are hysterical! I have many favorites.

anandamide said...

I love the pure randomness of search terms. Here are two recent ones I got:
"diagnosis of patient with orange tongue"
"making LSD out of orange peel".

I have to post more stuff with "orange" in it. Apparently "orange" is the new "naked pamela anderson".