May 23, 2007


Going through an old steno pad, I found the following scribbles, by my own hand. No clue.

"Sharpei Marxist-- funny idea!"

"Bee shit, stupid stuff"

"autonomous grumbles"

"if I see another chariots of Fire spoof, I'll die"

"disco drummer character"

"cat food, rice, cat food, lotion, cat food, tampons, don't forget the fucking cat food"

"cell bill isn't going to pay itself, Guthie"


News still positive out of Louisiana about my grandfather. We, my peeps, are tougher than we probably should be. I like that quite a bit.

Three men have just walked into this coffee shop and called the barista "boss" when he is actually the newest hire.

I am in the midst of a funny activity that I will be shortly be writing about. People are so predictable, aren't we?

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