Mar 15, 2007


Look what Number One Premium Bossman Publisher Guy made. Never been on a logo before. Shucks.

Want to see it in action? Well, march your ass over to MySpace and befriend So New. All the cool kids are doing it. And, while you're logged on, it wouldn't kill you to send me a litle friend request, too. I'm just saying.


"jew" "girl" said...

mazel tov! you make a stunning logo, bubbie!!!

David said...

Hey, Amy, crawl off somewhere and die!

Just kidding. Really. Call off the dogs! I figure if we all flame you, then anon-o-tard won't feel so special.

Seriously: that's big-time stuff when you become a logo.

That means you're like one book shy of becoming a **brand.**

Keep up the good work.
--david (she knows how to find me, don't worry)

srr said...

I don't do myspace yet. But damn, what a cool sticker!