Mar 19, 2007


Hello, Blogistan! I've missed you guys. Really. I skip a few days to run around and be silly and kick up the ol' heels a bit and I start to ache for you fine folks.


I am so happy with how everything went this weekend. Man, what a marathon weekend but what a complete blast.

To begin, congratulations are in serious order. Leah is a Bat Mitzvah, signed, sealed, yadda yadda. I was so proud of her! She did a wonderful job with everything, you guys, really. The rabbi cried. You know your B'nai Mitzvah was really, really great if your rabbi cries! (Uh, you have all gone over to her blog and wished her a hearty "Mazel tov" haven't you?) And, you know that if the rabbi cries, I am going to cry, too. Oh, who am I kidding? At weddings and B'nai Mitzvot, I'm always the dork dabbing at her eyes. But, this one was especially touching, I have to admit.

As for my involvement in the whole thing, I didn't get nervous and mess up the Torah blessings on my aliyah, and I didn't get nervous and mess up the food. Many thanks are in order for helping me pull this off for Leah. You four know who you are.


Leah in Chicago said...

Blog city threatened to eat my 5000 word post about the celebrations, but it is finally up. Now I'll try to get the podcast done.

Thank you, thank you!

"jew" "girl" said...

AMAZING! mazel tov, leah.

beautiful spread, ames. so delish.

xegbp said...

I heard the food was super amazing!

I am looking forward to your reading on Wed.