Jan 4, 2007


Hello! I have had a busy couple of days. not work-jam-packed, per se, just adventures, projects, etc.

But! Ha ha. Awesome. I love this story. Usually, any sort of suffering pulls at my heart strings, but upon reading this one, I let out a hearty, "Dumbass!" in response. What else can you do? Check this out. In a nutshell:

The headline reads, "Woman Sickened By Trivial Pursuit Game With Drugs: Game Involved Drinking, Smoking Pot When Players Got Answers Wrong"

So, apparently, this young lady here in Chicago was hospitalized for intoxication over the weekend after "continually providing wrong answers" during a game of Trivial Pursuit where participants drank alcohol and did drugs when they answered incorrectly. Alright, fair enough. Not a great plan, but I can see the thought behind it. The article goes on, then delivers this little gem, "If a player provided an incorrect answer, that person would take a shot of E & J Brandy and take a hit off a marijuana blunt, according to the report. "Blunt" is the vernacular for marijuana rolled up in cigar leaves." Followed by, "Cooper, 21, who was the yellow piece, continually provided wrong answers, resulting in over intoxication."

I'm just saying. Maybe you know your limits and realize at some point that you're not doing too well on the ol' board games, eh?


With all the hoopla lately, I skipped over another editon of "If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Saturday... So, how about an "If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Thursday...? Good. There is plenty to sing about.

1. Hyperballad/Bjork
2. Is It Like Today?/World Party
3. The New Year/Death Cab For Cutie
4. Bathroom Girl/Air (Cheers to a friend's new project.)
5. Heart of The Matter/India.Arie (Who knew Don Henley could be cool?)
6. Deep Red Bells/Neko Case
7. Howling At Midnight/The Corn Sisters (Awesome prairie rawk)
8. I'm So Excited/Le Tigre (A Pointer Sisters cover!)
9. Manifest/Weakerthans
10. Hallowed Ground/Violent Femmes
11. New Year's Day/U2
12. Running Up That Hill/Kate Bush
13. January Rain/Psychic Ills
14. The New Year/Azure Ray
15. Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth/Matisyahu

And, while we're talking music-- get your butt over to iTunes and do me a solid. My friend from way back, Thea Lux, is in a really super band called Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop (previously blogged about here) and they just celebrated a big-ass milestone. That's right! They are now available for download on iTunes. So, download like the wind, if you are so inclined.


Sizzle said...

"do me a solid"- ha! haven't heard that in a long time. ;)

katie schwartz said...

mazel tov to thea!

I am loving the trivial pursuit schmuck so hard right now. the shame of it.

great tunes, sister.

thea said...

Again, thanks for the shout out. Let's go be stupid at brunch again. All my stupid is building up and I think it's seeping out my pores.