May 27, 2006


Wednesday evening, I attended the CD release party for Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop, a fantastic band, described as "The Archies and The Zodiac Killer sitting down together to watch a cable-scrambled broadcast of Mr. Show, but with more Farfisa". That might be right, but I keep thinking stripped-down-to-only-the-best-stuff B52's, too. Only dirtier. And, funnier. Thea Lux (guitar/vocals) and I have known each other for a good while, although I hadn't seen her for far too long of a time. She looked so happy to be rocking out and being silly, which, as anyone who knows her can attest, are two things she does well.

Afterwards, another fantastic musical spectacle happened. The Bitter Tears are what would happen if Crispin Glover started a band and I loved every delicious moment of them. Especially when the designated lesbians started throwing shoes. Oh, and when the trombone player lost his pants. The pants with, um, a blonde wig sticking out of the crotch.

You rarely see bands that are both theatrical good fun and nice on the ears/brain, but I'd say these two do both and I look forward to rocking out with them again soon. You should, too. They travel. I'm just saying. A rock show is good for you.


cindywho said...

good call, bigmouth. i'm a big sandwich shop fan, too. no offense to your friend, but i have a crazy crush on the drummer-lady.

IndieMusicFan said...

Their new CD was actually just reviewed in this week's local, Chicago edition of The Onion (which also has a great interview with Lewis Black). Their live show is tremendously funny, and I, too, have an insane crush on the woman who plays drums. Way sexy when she sings lead.