Jan 7, 2007


If I am supposed to call you today, I'm sorry. I woke up with a sore throat and then the fever came. I'm hitting the Zicam so I'll kick it out of my system soon. As per usual, I get stressed out, then get a little under the weather. Anyway, if I owe you an email or a call or something, bear with me.

Ah, but I do have some super news! My friend has finally launched a most excellent blog and I'm here to invite you to contribute to it. Check it out right here. Yep, it's really called The Bathroom Blog. Yep, it's really photos of interesting bathrooms. And, I have alrady given her a couple of photos from an interesting bathroom I stumbled across in my recent travels.

Back to the couch. Sigh.


diane said...

Poor girl!! Call me if you need anything. I have some Airborne at my house--it kicks ass! And instant cider...hot cider...yummmm.
Feel better soon. :(

Leah said...

took you're advice and am ZiCamming it up.

katie schwartz said...

amers, feel better soon! oy, so sorry, bubbie. drink lots of fluids. hot watah with lemon. hot tea. you know the jewdrill.