Jan 15, 2007


I just checked on my recent incoming keywords to see what the world is searching to land on my blog. It's usually pretty direct, truth be told. I mean, people are usually looking for me or something I've written when they find my blog or website. But, once in a while, I get a flurry of weird searches. Behold, the flurry of weird searches:

guth boy
i am a sic
lisa simpsons grade me
adult uhho
hives from a tanning bed
i don't mind if you forget me
how soon is now book
big mouth strikes again words
strip dreidel rules
cyber treadmill i feel faint
at anyway cafe
bigmouth blog

(NOTE to my brother: Yo, "Guth Boy" is that you people are searching? Do share your cyber adventures to enlighten me as to why you are the number one incoming random search for me..? Wait, I just thought better of that. On second thought, don't tell me.)

And there you have it. Depending on how today goes, I might be staring down the barrel of a very busy week. But, if today goes swimmingly, it might not be too bad. More on that later.


Sizzle said...

anyway cafe is a cool name for a cafe. i know that when i work out on my cyber treadmill, i often feel faint- it's such a hard work out!

;) sizz

Amy Guth said...

And the weird part, Sizz, is that I used to hang out at the Anyway Cafe when I still lived in NYC, but it's been years since I've been. Imagien how surprised I was to see it pop up in a search that led to me!

emily said...

I love looking at how people have gotten to my site. Nine times out of...nine, search terms are some sort of murderous, gothy and woeful mashups of the words I use most, which are basically "hate" and a string of obscenities.

So maybe there's not a lot of creative mashing.