Jan 19, 2007


I just woke up at 5:45, with lights on, my laptop in my lap and my cell phone in my hand, having fallen asleep hours ago trying to work on odds and ends. And, and, and, I fell asleep and was dreaming about multitasking, trying to make a dent in a nonstop pile of work. Sigh. Well, that's what I get for trying to multitask so much lately. Yawn. Luckily, I am pretty open until Sunday to catch-up. I just got a little overwhelmed with projects and such this week, is all. It's a busy time at the ol' Guth-a-Go-Go factory. Yes, indeed. But, after this weekend, things will be a bit different and far more efficient. You'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, here are some pointless/worthless questions bouncing around my head in the pre-dawn hours...

1. I can't make myself give a shit about fooball. I tried. I have asked many people to try to explain it to me, one explanation including the props of sweet and sour sauce and soy sauce packets. No dice. I just don't care.

2. My face skin is so dry despite massive moisturization that it might crack if I laugh right now.

3. Because of item #1, the rumor about temporarily suspending some areas of the Chicagoland smoke ban for the Bears is, to me, outrageous. I'm that ex-smoker who is a giant asshole about it now.

4. The bus just went by, filled with people, eagerly heading into the center of the downtown action, I imagine. I am not jealous, but wish I found myself in the center of the Chicago universe a bit more often.

5. My cat, of course, seems delighted to see me awake and therefore is trying to initiate a game of Pounce on Covers When Toes Are Wiggled. I need to trim his claws, which always makes me the tyrannical asshole for a few days.

6. Comcast could not possibly have worse customer service.

7. I heard, while flipping stations, a guy on the radio say that his office was empty and therefore "just a tiny quiet", blatantly omitting the all-important word "bit". Similarly, I heard a woman talking about attending a family celebration and eating "millions of food", then only a week later, hearing a man say he had "literally seen" a particular movie a million times. Sigh...

Yawn. Okay. I'm going to try to get more sleep before tackling for day. Zzzz......


Sizzle said...

i hate comcast too. ugh! and football? forget about it.

Eric Riback said...

I love football, couldn't care about hockey, lukewarm on baseball and basketball. Sports in general or specific ain't for everyone.