Dec 14, 2006


Let the record just show that Elaine Soloway did me a real solid today, so let's all go and buy her wonderful book, The Division Street Princess.

So did Timoty Schaffert, so we should all pick up his library of wonderfulness as well.

You know, come to think of it, so did LeahJ. But she doesn't have a book out (yet) so let's all just go tell her she is super and read the neat stuff she writes for Shebrew magazine.


Leah said...

I love that Elaine Solloway, she's a sweetheart. Not so sure what I did, but I'll accept the appreciation.

Vicki said...

I just received "The Division Street Princess" in the mail this week and read Timothy's book a few weeks ago. You are doing such a great job of keeping me in books and introducing me to new authors. Since I read all the time, this is a really good thing. I think I have every book you have recommended.

Amy Guth said...

Hear that authors? Let me pimp your work on my blog and Ma Guth will snatch it right up. Along with the rest of my readers. Yes.