Dec 14, 2006


Talking in front of a huge crowd of people, I can handle.

A conversation calling for utmost care and tact involving one or two people, no problem.

What throws me for a loop? Cocktail parties. People sipping, making small talk, milling about, knowing when to cut a conversation off, not saying too much, not saying too little. It turns my knees wobbly.

So, my main resolution for 2007 is this: Go to these schmooze-fests and make myself learn to be comfortable during them. This time next year, I'll have no hesitation accepting an invitation, working a room, making friends, swapping cards, passing from conversation to conversation, not fidgeting, not nervously flapping my trap too much, not saying too little.

There you have it. Project Cocktail Party. Now, how do I scale this figurative wall? I guess that means I need to actually attend many such events. Okay. I can do that.


Sizzle said...

whatever you learn, please post because, like you, i can have the face to face heart to heart and talk in front of hundreds of people but the cocktail party frightens me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you need a companion, let me know. I never really have a problem in these situations. It’s the rest of it I sometimes have difficulty getting through.

Let me know.


Amy Guth said...

Sizzle, will do. I'll document every last painful moment. Promise. :)

Anonymous, how the heck could I invite you if I dont know who you are? Sheesh.

Madeline Glass said...

I am queen of the cocktail schmooze.

It may well be because I don't give a fig what folks think about me, thereby granting myself permission to flirt shamelessly with or "inadvertently" insult all manner of cocktailers.

I'd totally be your date. You know, if you're not too worried about your reputation.