Nov 23, 2006


Thanksgiving, as you can see, was a roaring success!

Why, yes, that is a bread bowl. No, I was not drunk.

The soup kitchen experience was as it always is-- heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. I saw some familiar faces from last year, made a few new friends, broke up the beginnings of an old lady cat fight, made sure everyone was warm and well-fed, and after the very last bite of food was served, cleaned up and split.

Once home, I whipped up one of my (if I may) just-right apple pies and joined a gathering that was, by all accounts, sophisticated until, that is, a discussion began about what to do with bread bowls once the contents were eaten. So, everyone involved made a few guesses on film. Copy cat style icon that I am, I went for the Jackie O pillbox hat, though, upon further inspection, I could probably get by calling this a turban, a mini-shtreimel, a rural African water-carrying container, a carbohydrate-based Carmen Miranda... or maybe I'm just a dork with a bread bowl on her head. Either way, fun night.

It's not all that late, but I'm pretty wiped out and tomorrow has a terribly early start attached to it. Zzzz...

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