Nov 20, 2006


Today was frustrating. No positive spin needed. Just good old-fashioned frustrating, but mercifully finished. It was a series of tedious tasks, circular discussions, road blocks to be creatively navigated and, damnit, my cat is freaking out and meowing his little head off. It also didn't much help that I was having one of those "is it actually possible to piss off this many people?" sort of days, too, that generally only leave me feeling misunderstood and fragile at day's end. Eh well. As my grandma (zichrono livracha) would have said (had she used the word "pole" in this way), "Get some hair on your pole and keep going."

So, continue I shall. I place great value on venting, so thanks for humoring me there for a sec.

Still with me? Great.

Tomorrow, oh glorious tomorrow, means that I will be taking myself to see Morrissey. And that, well, that just about cancels out all the bullshit today served up.

And, on a terribly funny note, did anyone hear about this? Global Orgasm Day? On December 22nd, everyone on earth is expected to "add so much concentrated and high-energy positive input into the energy field of the Earth that it will reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence throughout the world"....? Seriously, this is a joke, right?



Besides, if this little project worked like it is planned to, how is anyone expected to reach this climax knowing their neighbors, siblings, subordinates, supervisors, parents and even, grandparents are doing the same? Can you imagine getting off while unfortunately aware that your fucking parents were doing the same?

I really just creeped myself out. I need to go exfoliate my soul now. For the record, I will not participate in Global Orgasm Day. In fact, reading the "evidence" on their website has nearly convinced me that I would probably be best served to spend the day in a crash helmet, a life-vest, latex gloves, safety goggles, a respirator, ground air-traffic controller grade ear muffs, and not, repeat, NOT taking any calls from suspiciously winded friends and relatives.


Nicky said...

have an awesome time at the concert!

diane said...

Sorry you had such a poopy day yesterday, dear, but tonight--ah tonight!! The planets will converge over the Aragon ballroom! (I consider myself very lucky to have the privilege of joining you for this fine event, and have been listening to muchos Morrissey in preparation)

Leah said...

See, it IS the best day of the year. My two closest Aires friends are going to a super exciting concert!

Anonymous said...

"I need to go exfoliate my soul" is probably my single favorite sentence of the month. Can't tell you how many encounters I've had in just the last 24 hours that've required some soul exfoliation, if not a complete soulectomy.

Have a blast with Mozzy.

Anonymous said...
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AL said...

are we allowed to have orgasms that day the normal way (jerking off while remembering how utterly alone we are) instead of all the new-age energy transference bullshit? just wondering... because i would really hate to give up my breakfast time ritual...

Laurel said...

Sorry about the cruddy day. It's just the way things happen in November, February, and August. Swear to God, these months are cursed.

But I think you're the bee's knees... if that helps any.


Amy Guth said...

Thanks, Nicky, Leah and Eric. Will do!

Diane! Yay! So glad you're joining me tonight to witness me going Beatlemania on my beloved Morrissey.

Al, I'm sure that counts.

Laurel, dear, Laurel, thank you. You're so swell. (There is something funky about November, February and August! So true!)