Nov 21, 2006


My friend sent me a text this morning and said our shared horoscope insisted that today was the luckiest day of the year for us Aries. Having just returned from a Morrissey show, I can only agree. What a great show! I was so close to the stage! I managed to contain my Beatlemania (Morrissania?) a little, but was thrilled to be there and yelled and woooooooed and gave rock horns and got my groove on.

Everyone has that one singer or band that they've loved since they heard them first and who has underscored important moments, travels and eras. I'm still processing it all, but, needless to say, my favorite did not disappoint, other than perhaps playing too short a set, but that's just me. I could listen to Smiths/Morrissey songs all night.

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diane said...

As a firsthand observer, I would just like to say that Amy did a tremendous job of holding herself together. She may have been quivering on the inside, but I never would have known it. :-)
I only regret that somehow we totally flaked on waiting around for the Morrissman himself afterward.