Nov 8, 2006


I spent yesterday playing aorund in Cazenovia, NY. Adorable Cazenovia, NY, bouncing into boutiques and art galleries.

Then, back to Syracuse to the Westcott St. area where I found the most incredible vintage/thrift boutique-- Boom Babies-- and spent over an hour playing around with hats and jackes and costume jewelry and sparkly dresses. If you are in the area, make a point to check his place out and, aferwards, grab a dolmas pita sandwich at the Middle Eastern place across the street. So delicious.

Anyway, I'm heading out this morning to Providence, where Symposium Books, Nicky and V all await me. If you're nearby, I'd love to see you--come on out to Symposium Books tomorrow night at 6pm and hear me read a little. It'll be fun. I promise. Despite the time I spent living here in the northeastern US, this will be my first trip to Providence and I am super-excited for all of it.

Later skaters.

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