Nov 8, 2006


I'm taking a wee travel break and have stumbled upon the most marvelous rest area ever. Exit 9 on the Mass Turkpike, people. Charleton East Plaza. It boasts a LavAzza Coffee, a Ben & Jerry's, an unexplained nonstop hoard of international tourists (Germans when I initially arrived. Japanese at present. French are beginning to trickle in. What on earth?), piped-in music that alternaes between 80s retro and jazz, terribly clean restrooms AND complementary WiFi everywhere. I mean, everywhere. I tested their claim and was indeed able to pee and check email simultaneously. No lie. It was glorious.

This trip has been good. New York and Mass both hold special homey places in my heart, so it's comforting to be here. Well, maybe until I passed a McDonald's and saw signs for "Real Lobstah" sandwiches. Bleh. Naw, even regional idiosyncracies are all good sometimes.

So, I'm very close to my destination of Providence, and it looks like the rain has let up a bit so I'm off like a prom dress. Well, not my prom dress, per se (I went to the prom with a fabulous gay man), but prom dresses in the general sense. Yes. Anyway, pressing on.


steve said...

That really is a fine rest area.

And please wave as you pass my house on the way to Providence.

diane said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time!
Chicago's not the same without you, though. :)
(and I hope you took copious notes on that bathroom for the someday-to-be-released bathroom blog)

Leah said...

Bathroom blog? I have photos of bathrooms from Japan and maybe other countries too!

Glad you are getting around safely, but I agree with Diane... You are missed in Chicago.

Amy Guth said...

I took some great pics today of a bathroom. Ohh, man-- a glowing black slove, a red wagon, disco wallpaper AND action figures! Diane-- I couldn't pee there without taking pictures of the room. No way.