Nov 18, 2006


Muuuch better. Man, that migraine kicked my ass yesterday. But, I am The Bounce-Back Kid, so I feel perfectly okay today. So...

Happy "If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Saturday.

1. My Headache/Evangelicals (scary name for a such a decent band)
2. Time To Go To Bed/Loene Carmen
3. Home/The Cure
4. Mrs. Jesus/Tori Amos
5. Shitlist/L7
6. Stuffy Turkey/Thelonius Monk
7. Cuyahoga/R.E.M.
8. Pirate Jenny/Nina Simone
9. Spirits In The Material World/The Police
10. Two-Headed Boy/Neutral Milk Hotel
11. I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe/Murder By Death
12. America Is Not The World/Morrissey
13. Let's Take A Trip Together/Morphine
14. Bachelorette/Bjork
15. Box/Tokyo Police Club


Leah said...

So glad you are feeling better and looking forward to you coming out of sequestration. (Is that a word?)

Amy Guth said...

Um, I think you mean "sequestrasnocity"...?

(How did we joke-butcher words before our Prez taught us about "-ocity" and "-tangery"...?)

AL said...

great list as usual... i dig the monk and the neutral milk hotel.

diane said...

I vote for sequestorhood. :)
Glad too that you are feeling better!