Nov 19, 2006


Ah. I'm taking a little break to bask in my organizational efforts for a moment.

In somewhat of a contrast to yesterday which involved, at various points, chardonnay, far too much discussion of funerals (don't ask), Middle Eastern social-political movement likely to come, a castle made from rice crispies and speculation about both a Genesis cover band and Rod Stewart's sexual habits in the 70s, it's one of those tear-everything-out-of-the-cupboards-and-drawers-and-reorganize-everything sort of days. Knock on wood, things have been going really well lately, especially lit-wise, so I felt like cleaning and polishing and getting geared up (while enjoying the calm) before the next incoming wave. This, of course, included a thorough digging-through of my email inbox and a little spiff-up of my website. How'd I do?

In so doing, I found this-- haha, check this out. One of my coaches from last year sent it to me. If you're not a runner, you'll read it in disgust, but if you do run, you might get a kick out of it. Funnily enough, it's all pretty much true, though I can't vouch for the dude-specific items. Luckily. Yikes.

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? I'm looking for a good volunteer spot. I always, always do a volunteer thing on Thanksgiving, and this year I am, for whatever reason, overwhelmed with options. Anybody in my neck of the woods (Chicago) have any thoughts on this? No, really, I have quite a few offers to hang with friends and friend's families, but this is a thing I do. Every year. And, it means a lot to me.

Okay, the year the cracked-out abuser was beating down the door to the women's shelter was a little scary, but it was still a meaningful night. Really.

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diane said...

I know United Way's volunteer match site does a pretty good job of hooking up local opportunities:

Good on you!! I'm hoping to get my family to do something together at Christmas...