Nov 16, 2006


I'm sorry to everyone I owe face time. I have hit the ground running since my return and haven't managed to come up for air just yet. But, soon, I promise, soon.

Do I have any readers in New Orleans? I just got word this morning that I'll be doing the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival this spring. Should be fun! If you're nearby, come say hello.

Okay, okay, back to work.


diane said...

Sorry Amy, I have no tolerance at all for people that have to skimp a little on their social life because of work obligations. (j/k--driiiiipping with sarcasm & self-deprecating humor!)
Congrats on the New Orleans fest!! Depending on work & my financial state, I may have to go check that out...I've never been to the Big Easy!

Leah said...

How soon IS soon?

Glad you are back in Chicago safe and sound. Congrats on the N'leans trip, should be totally kick ass!