Nov 28, 2006


Haha, today has been jam-packed with busy. But, between busy moments, I enjoyed this funny blog post my friend Leah sent to me. I especially enjoy the paragraph beginning with "Well, too bad. These fuckers saved my ass." in reference to tricking her child into eating a healthy breakfast.

Well, kids, this week is a motherfucker. It's busy as hell and where I normally subscribe to the stay-on-top-of-things-by-working-intelligently school of thought, I feel like i'm just treading water this week. As soon as I get one thing accomplished, I feel like three more pop up in its place. But, for a writer, that's no complaint! It's all great, if you ask me, I'm just having to really keep my head down and just plow through it all this week.

While that is great, say, professionally, I feel like a big ol' flake personally this week. So, you're itching for some face time, you must chill. I'll track you down soon enough. Just let me get to the weekend and I'll be caught up and ready to roll. Really.

Sigh... on the upside, my newish haircut is workin' out nicely.


Vicki said...

I LOVE your new haircut. It makes me want to let mine grow out. On second thought, being able to wash, towel dry and be done does have its advantages. And besides, I am kinda lazy when it comes to "doing" my hair. But I do love yours!
Love, Mom

katie schwartz said...

sexy chic! you go, girl. groovy.

Anonymous said...

Diggin' the 'do. You look like a flapper. I half expect to hear you saying, "Don't be sore at me, dollface. The bank's closed, see? No bamey-mugging without a manacle. Whaddaya say we ditch these palookas and go see a man about a dog?"

Amy Guth said...

Thanks all!