Nov 4, 2006


My day is getting itself together. I just walked by a mirror and was reminded that I am indeed in the best line of work. (Pencils absent-mindedly placed in hair= nerdy bookish lady)

I'm about ready for my trip back east and thought I'd share my schedule for the next week so we can all hang out. You can read about everything in a tad more detail and find links and addresses on my events page, but the basic deal is this:

On Monday, November 6th, I'll be reading Three Fallen Women at Juna's Cafe in Ithaca, NY at 7pm and on Thursday, November 9th, I'll be reading at Symposium Books in Providence, RI at 6pm. Are you nearby? Come on out. Do you know someone nearby? Send them out! It'll be fun and we'll all be good friends after. Really.

Saturday and Sunday, I'll be in the greater Boston area, which delights me to no end. On Saturday, I'm going to see a show with my friend Sandy at the North Shore Music Theater around Beverly, MA, which is especially fun because I worked in the costume shop (and got plunked into the occasional crowd scene onstage when it was discovered I could carry a tune), oh, thirteen years ago! Or was it twelve years ago? Thirteen, I think. A long-ass time ago, in any case. So, it'll be fun to go back to my old stomping grounds and play.

So, yeserday, I almost forgot to tell you, I was in a Kinko's and met Jeremiah and Jim, two terribly cool guys who have started a brand new lit mag here in Chicagoland-ish called Idiot Ego. It's a music-centric lit mag, so they host a rock show every month to celebrate the release of each issue, which I find wonderfully cool. Anyway, if you hear about an Idiot Ego show, get your butt out and go make nice with the guys. (You can friend-request them on MySpace in the meantime) And, if you are into writing about music and are willing to write for gratitude, praise and street cred, (or if you would like to get a CD to them for review) then you should waste no time in tracking them down, as they are wide-open for submissions at the moment. We traded a copy of Three Fallen Women and a few of my stickers for a current issue of Idiot Ego and two of their pins ("Stay for The Brokedowns or Fuck You: Idiot Ego", they read), all of which I am enjoying quite a bit.

Tonight, I am heading to another old haunt, The Skybox at Second City to see a friend's improv-spectacle, which is almost always a good time.


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